Hammertoes are a common problem seen at A Home of Happy Feet. Hammertoes are any bending or curling of the toes. Contrary to popular belief, shoes do not cause hammertoes, although a tight fitting shoe will certainly aggravate an existing hammertoe. A typical patient with hammertoes will complain of pain at the top of the bend in the toe, usually caused from shoe irritation. If left untreated, this can lead to an open sore or infection. Hammertoes will also result in painful corns over the prominence of the hammertoe.

Fortunately, many treatments are available for hammertoes. Proper fitting shoes with adequate room for the hammertoes can relieve symptoms. Painful corns can be safely trimmed and padded by the physicians at A Home of Happy Feet. Patients are cautioned not to try to cut the corns themselves, as cutting too deep may lead to bleeding and infection. Corn removers from drug stores can lead to burns to the surrounding normal skin and especially in diabetics and patient’s with poor circulation, serious infections and other complications.

Hammertoes cannot be straightened without surgical correction. If non-surgical options fail to relieve the symptoms, there are a variety of surgical options. There are new small internal devices available that are used to hold the toe straight while it heals, rather than external pins. If you suffer from painful hammertoes, make an appointment Dr. Ronald Douglas at A Home of Happy Feet. He will preform a comprehensive evaluation your feet and recommendation for best treatment of your hammertoes.